Product Care


By using the best painting materials for fabrics we guarantee products that are 100% washable and that will last a lifetime.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to wash and iron your painted garments with care.

Washing Instructions:

- Hand wash or machine wash up to 30 degrees Celsius.

- Bleach products are completely forbidden.

- Wash black painted products separately.

Ironing Instructions: 

- Do not allow for direct contact between the iron and the painted part.

- While ironing, separate the painted part from the iron with a piece of cotton cloth, like a t-shirt for example.

- You can also iron the painted part on its back side to avoid direct contact between the iron and the painting.

Folding Instructions:

- It is advised to hang your painted product on a hanger instead of folding.

- If your painted product needs to be folded, for travel for example; it is better to fold it in a way that avoids the painted part to be folded on itself (example: cover the painted part of the jacket with the sleeves then fold).

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Our dresses and sets are made in Lebanon.

Our fabrics are carefully selected from Japan and India, made of cotton and fine fabrics we recommend you check each product's instructions for wash and care.